Monday, January 1, 2007

about small red house

Welcome, friends and newcomers!

We started this blog after we moved into the small red house in the summer of 2007--one of many unofficial beginnings of our life together. We wanted a place where we could both post news and updates for our distant (and not-so-distant) relatives and friends. After a short while, it looks like Small Red House has taken on different purposes in addition to its original one, mainly as a place for us to share ideas, contemplations and stories, and a place for others to do the same. Some topics you may find here include:

  • Our ever-growing attempt to lighten our footprint on the earth, to live simply and in harmony with nature (even as we live on the edge of, as a friend calls it, "The Imperial City")
  • Sharing our perspective as parents (a dad and a stepmom) building traditions in a nontraditional family, raising our daughter as a child of our family, of her two families and of the world
  • Our experiences as amateur musicians/folk artists
  • Our current foray into urban farming and homesteading
This ended up sounding too much like a mission statement... someone's had too many nonprofit classes. We're not on a mission. Who knows what might make its way to the small red house. But we hope you'll find something you like. Enjoy!

Maria and Jacob

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