Saturday, February 23, 2008

an impulse buy you can live with

The day is finally upon us: IKEA ("We Promoted Compact Fluorescents Before They Were Cool") now sells rechargeable batteries.

They're not even on the IKEA website yet, but they are called LADDA ("charge") and they look like the yellow alkaline ones, except they're (of course) green.

We hardly ever use batteries (so many things have chargers these days, and we now have a hand-cranked flashlight), but for the few instances in which we do, I decided to finally take this opportunity to make the switch. A pack that includes a charging unit, two AAAs and four AAs cost me $18. Not bad for never having to throw any away.

I felt so cutting-edge when I mentioned this to my dad and he hadn't noticed them in the store yet. He likes to keep everyone up on the latest IKEA developments. Well, you heard it here first!

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Kan said...

Ha ha ha, I can't believe you knew about this advancement before your Ikea Dad did! There was a rather embarrassing week in which N and I saw him 3 different times. "There's Daba's friend J again!" he would happily crow.